Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day Bear

   Alright. I know Father's Day like a week ago, and I know I'm a little late. But the thing is I never got around to finishing it. So better late then never, right? So, you ready? Alright, here he is:

Cute, aye? You like his whittle mustache? And cute little red tie?

I found a nail polish in my house that matched with his fur color!

   I really like this bear! I hate that I didnt get it up by Father's Day, but what are you gonna do? Haha! Next time, I'll plan better. Hopefully.

   Hey guys, could you do a little favor for me? Could you give me some suggestions and tell me what you want to see. More bears or new ami's? Just email me at Or just comment below. Would love to hear from you guys! Till' next time! ;)


  1. oooh he is just gorgeous, as are all of your bears. have a great day xxx

  2. Arhhh love bears. Lots more bears. They are beautiful. x

  3. Found you via the Ravelry link-up...I love crochet and nail polish too..hurrah...x