Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cheerleader Bear

Hey guys! I got lots of great feedback on my Sleepy PJ Bear so I decided to post my latest bear, the Cheerleader Bear! Are you excited? I am. Oh alright, I'll show you! Here she is:

Here are a few close-ups of her pretty pink bow and her preppy pom-poms:

Cute huh? Haha! Just so you know about how tall she is I pictured her with my iPod:

    She is a cutie, isnt she? She is the 2nd in my A-bear-able collection! Also, I wanted to tell you if you want some sneak peeks on my next Ami's, maybe even a few patterns , just follow me on Google+. My name is +SarahHernandez!

    Also I would love to hear your guys' comments or suggestions on my future Ami's, or just want to send me some pictures of your Ami or even just want to say hi! Just email me at Till next time, Lovelys! <3

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